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Quickbook error Support

Quickbooks error support for a basically appear on Quickbooks software user. Quickbook is an accounting service just like Tally. It is developed and marketed by intuit. It is mainly targeted for MSBs (medium and small sized businesses). It can generate receipts, accept payments, manage payrolls and store all the data in a secured cloud storage. As this is a relatively new technology in the accounting sector users may come across various types of errors that they may or may not understand. Here is a glossary to help you with that.

Error code 600080

The error 600080 occurs due to one or more of the following reasons

  • The company file contains damaged data. Make sure that the company file you are using do not have any broken data or parameter within. The quickbooks file is saved with an extension .qbw. If data is found to be corrupt in any of the files, then the whole workbook is damaged and the error 600080 will be displayed.
  • Quickbookscan not connect to the server. To avoid this kind of situation, make sure you have an active internet connection and you have given all the required permissions to the quickbooks application.
  • Multiple computers are used as host for the quickbooks data file. This situation is known as deadlock situation.

You can resolve this error by doing these steps.

  • Update all your workstations. This will resolve your issue of deadlock situation.
  • Update your quickbooks to the latest release.
  • Configure firewall security and give access to the quickbooks app.
  • Copy your desired file on your local hard drive. Then run the quickbooks desktop file doctor. This will detect the problem in the software downloads and verify that if quickbooks has been installed properly or not?

Error code 600083

This error has the following possible explanations.

    • An incomplete quickbooks installation. The application has not been installed properly.
    • Hosting is enabled on both server and the workstation. This is the most common scenario. There must be only one host. The server should be the only one hosting the network.
    • The current user logged in does not have the permission to access the company file.
    • The folder in which the file is located is damaged. The folder must be in the path specified to access the company file.

The QBdata service does not have the access to the company file. The QB data service is used by the quickbooks to open the company file.

To resolve this error, you simply need to update your quickbooks to the latest version and then make your server the host of your session.

Error code 1328

The error code 1328 classifies all the problems which can occur during the updating, repairing, installing and uninstalling of quickbooks. The error has the same path of C:\cinfig.msi\ although the problems may be of different types. The main causes of error 1328 are

    • Error while downloading the software.
    • The downloaded file is corrupt and you need to re download it.
    • A malfunction has occurred in your system.
    • A virus or malware has attacked your system.

Improper shutdown. This occurs mainly due to power failure during the setup of the quickbooks.

  • Incorrect or failed installation also displays the same error code.


This error can be solved by the following steps

  • Locate the config.msi file. To do this first go to the C drive. Then click on the properties and show hidden files and folders. Check the show hidden files and folders box and click apply.
  • After this right click on the config.msi and rename it. At the end of the name add .old to the file name. now hide the protected files and folders.
  • Repair your quickbooks installation. You can do this by running the quickbooks installer again. After running the installer, you will find an option to repair quickbooks. Click on it and your application will be repaired.
  • You can altogether reinstall the application if the screen continues to display the message.

Quickbooks error support – Error code 1601

Error 1601 is displayed when the windows installer is not accessible. Mostly this error is caused by damaged windows installer.
The only possible solution to this error is to either reinstall the whole package or to repair quickbooks. If you get this error code while installing, then repair the product and if you get this while updating quickbooks then re install it using clean install.

Error code 1099
The 1099 error is a category of errors in quickbooks. This category covers the following errors

  • The vendor is not visible in the list.
  • The form is misaligned.
  • The reports display a lower amount than you have calculated.
  • The correct amount is not displayed.

The solutions for these scenarios are

    • Select the plus icon on the top of quickbooks. Now click on pay bills.
    • Apply filter from the drop down.
    • Go to payee and location and choose.
    • Check the right bill

Now select save.

Quickbooks error support :-


If the reports are showing lower amount than the calculated amount


  • Select the plus icon on the top of quickbooks. Now click on pay bills.
  • Apply filter from the drop down.
  • Go to payee and location and choose.
  • Check the right bill
  • Now select save.


If the reports are showing lower amount than the calculated amount

  • For this you need to record payments in expense type accounts. Using any other account than the expense type accounts will definitely give you a lower amount.

If the vendor is not visible

  • Go to the menu and then select.
  • Enter report name field and fill in: Transaction list.
  • Go to the vendor and select the transaction list. Choose customize.
  • Set the reporting period to the last year.
  • Now go to the filter section and from the drop down select the vendor box. Make sure you select all the vendors related with 1099.
  • Click the run report.
  • Go to the splits column to check the vendors. Select them to check the details for which the accounts affected.

These are the steps required to resolve the errors that are displayed in quickbooks. If you need any further assistance then feel free to get in touch with quickbooks Support team.

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