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Quickbooks 3371 error

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Quickbooks 3371 error

The quickbooks displays a lot of error codes. To help you understand these codes and resolve the error associated with them we are creating this section. In this section we will be talking about the error code 3371.
Whenever you reconfigure your windows or desktop or you activate quickbooks you will come across quickbooks error 3371, status code 11118. This error blocks you from opening any QB file. This can be quite a frustrating problem. We will be discussing why this occurs and how it can be resolved.

This error occurs due to the following reasons

  • Missing file Qbrestration.dat. This is a .DAT file. It contains information about your licensing, and details. Inuit checks for this file every time quickbooks is launched. If this file gets damaged then you may face the error code 3371.
  • Due to the interruption of virus the quickbook may show this error code. So you need to first install an anti virus.
  • If you try to open a file without saving it then also this error code is displayed.
  • The error code 3371 is also displayed when your MSXML component is damaged or missing from the system. The MSXML is a very important component to start the quickbooks. It is provided by Microsoft. Quickbooks needs this component to run on your system. If this gets damaged, then difficulties in accessing the document may arise.

Before we talk about resolving the issues we need to perform some steps. We need to perform these steps before the commencement of resolution steps.

Update your windows.

  • Check if any corrupt windows is running on your system or not. In case the windows is corrupt replace it with a genuine one.
  • Scan your computer for any virus that might be affecting the quickbooks component or the application.
    After you have done all these steps you can any of the methods described below
  • 1. First method
    Press windows key + R. this will open the run command. In the run command enter C:\ProgramData\Inuit\Entitlement Client\v8.At the location delete the ecml file.

    After you have done this run quickbooks and register again.

  • 2. Second method
    Click on start button.Go to al programs and then windows update.

    Click on check for updates.

    After the update of windows reinstall quickbooks Desktop.

    Fix common errors that may have been caused during installation using the Quickbooks component repair tool.

  • 3. Third methodInstall the latest windows. Update if you have already done so.

    Now recreate the damaged ecml file which you will find in program data. Resolve the license and resolving registration glitches.

    Fix the .NET framework, MSXML,& C++ pitfalls by using Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool.

    Now you are ready to do a clean install.

These are the steps required to resolve the error 3371 status code-11118. If you need any further assistance then feel free to get in touch with quickbooks team or Call now To Quickbooks support phone number at +1 855-204-8904

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